Gelli Arts® Gel Printing With Felt Markers by Birgit Koopsen

Hi there, it’s Birgit
here and today I have a fun, simple, and cheap technique for you that would be
great to do with kids too!

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I have tried a variety
of different felt tip markers – from very cheap to quite expensive, they all
work fine. The biggest difference is in the size of the tip. Thicker tips are
better for coloring; smaller tips are better to draw finer lines. A combination
of different sizes would be best. Other than that, there are no real
differences between the brands. You can mix and match them as you want.

Printing with felt tip
markers is very simple. You just start drawing and coloring on the Gelli Arts®
gel printing plate. The inks will not dry so you can take your time. To create
backgrounds, simple shapes like circles, work well.

If needed, you can
clean your felt tip marker by drawing some lines on a sheet of paper.

Keep adding colors and
lines around and on top of the shapes you started with.

When you’re ready,
place paper on top to pull the print.

It is also possible to
print in layers. Start with creating a background, following the previous

Then start a new
drawing, add some marks too, and print it on top of the first print.

Or you can add some
(distressed) texture by stamping into colored shapes on the gel plate.

From there just follow
the steps like before and add more colors, line and marks.

I really like the unique
texture you get from printing with felt tips, which you would never achieve by
coloring on the paper directly.

Here are a few tips to note before you begin: Your plate needs to be dry (no wet remaining from cleaning) and not greasy when doing this technique. On newer, very clean gel plates the inks might bead together more. You can wash your gel plate with dish detergent and dry it with a paper towel and it will be ready to go. Test out different markers on the corner of your Gelli Arts® gel printing plate before using.  Even if the markers dry on your plate, you will be able to remove the marks with baby wipes.

Thank you for watching and please share your prints with us on IG by tagging @gelliarts in your posts! We would love to see what you create!

Happy printing!

Birgit x


Gelli Arts® gel
printing plate

Felt Tip markers



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62 thoughts on “Gelli Arts® Gel Printing With Felt Markers by Birgit Koopsen”

  1. Great use of a simple product like markers to make such beautiful art. The tags are so pretty. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. This is such a great idea! I am sure just about everyone has a few markers around they could try out.

  3. Sassieakadeb is my other login for this event. Great and exciting to see all the different to techniques for the gelliplate!

  4. Blue Willow Graphics

    Love this technique!! Easier and can do this on the go with the smaller gelli. Could even do this in the car while traveling

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