Printing Single Prints with Multiple Layers with a Gelli Arts® Printing Plate!

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® blog! It’s Birgit
here and today I’m showing you how you can create multiple layers in one single

To do this, you need a Gelli Arts® gel printing plate (any size works), some fluid acrylic paints, a mixing white acrylic paint
(optional), a brayer, some (foam) stamps, stencils and texture plates.

Start with spreading a few colors of paint on the
plate. You can cover the whole plate, like I do in the video, but you can also
leave parts uncovered and come back there later. This will be the background color in your final print.

Take a texture plate or a stamp and use it to lift up
paint from one area and transfer it to another area. If you start in the darker
colors you can transfer them to the lighter areas.

If you don’t want the paint of your next layer to mix
with the first layer, or if you are afraid you might smear them, then it is a
good idea to let the different layers dry in between.

Now take a texture plate or a stamp and add paint to
it using your brayer. Stamp the new color on top of your first layer.

Continue doing this for several layers, in a variety
of colors and patterns.

You can also take a stencil and add paint in the open areas
using a make-up sponge.

When you are done with all the layers make sure to let
the paint dry
for a couple of minutes.

Then take another color, or the mixing white like I did, and cover the whole plate with a thin layer. Make sure this layer is really
thin. If there is too much paint you will only pull the top layer and not the
layers underneath.

Place a sheet of paper (I used regular printing paper
but you can use any paper you like) on top of the wet paint right away. You
don’t want this layer to dry!

Rub firmly, then carefully remove the paper and all
the layers will be pulled in one go.

Note: Don’t rub too long, if the paint dries before
pulling the print the paper will stick to the plate and tear when lifting it

The following prints are all made with this technique.

I hope you like this tutorial and are inspired to try
it yourself.

We would love to see what you create! Please share
using #gelliarts

Happy printing!


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14 thoughts on “Printing Single Prints with Multiple Layers with a Gelli Arts® Printing Plate!”

  1. also for such foamplates where foam shapes are glued onto other foam plates or carton- great fun to make…

  2. Hi.I love the technique but when I try to pull a print, much of it does not transfer. I have tried mixed media paper, yupo, tracing and card stock.Any pointers as to why it is not working please?

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