Top Tips for Mono Printing on Fabric by Helen O’Hara

Hello! It’s
Helen here with some top tips for mono-printing on fabric with the Gelli Arts® printing plate. I’m using the 5×5″ plate, but you could use any
size. I have a few simple texture tools including a Gelli Art® comb, a
pool cover scrap, an Ikea pot holder and some cotton tips.

Many times, I have found printing on fabric doesn’t give me quite the same crisp and
vibrant results as I get from printing on paper. I’ve been experimenting for
weeks to bring you this video of my top tips for getting great prints of fabric
just as nice as those on paper!

Tip #1

First, make sure you iron your fabric. Sound obvious, right? Trying to save time by
not ironing just give you a print crisscrossed with white lines where the paint
didn’t pick up.

Tip #2

matters! You can print onto any type of fabric but each type will give a
different look. To get prints as crisp as those on paper you need to use a
fabric with a high thread count, and smooth texture. I have been getting the
best results with satin.

Tip #3

Use a
little more paint. Fabrics tend to soak up more paint than paper. Be careful
not to use too much though or your print will be blobby and blurred.

Tip #4

All fabrics
have tiny holes in their structure. Avoid messy hands by putting some scrap
paper over the top of your fabric before rubbing the back.

Tip #5

If the
fabric will be washed, add some textile medium to your acrylic paint. Don’t add
too much or your paint will get too runny.

Tip #6

paper is your friend. To stop fabric squirming and scrunching up, iron your fabric to the shiny side of some freezer paper. This will stabilize the fabric
and allow you to make accurate prints. If you tape one edge of the freezer
paper down you can flip the fabric into the exact same position for a
multi-layered print. The freezer paper will also stop your hands from getting messy. You should be able to use the same piece of freezer paper
several times.

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Gelli Arts® 5×5″gel plate

Gelli Arts® comb

paint in process colours plus white

textile medium

-Pool cover

-Ikea pot

-Cotton tips




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