Mediums – Alcohol Inks, Pastels, Watercolors

Intaglio-Inspired Printing with Gelli Arts®

See how you can achieve an intaglio effect — without a press! — using a styrofoam printing plate, a ballpoint pen, acrylic paint … and a Gelli® plate! Intaglio (pronounced in-TAL-ee-oh) is a printmaking process using a plate that has been inscribed or etched. Ink is applied to the plate and pushed into the grooves. …

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Watch Your Back!

In my last blog post I talked about using different media to add color to Gelli® prints that aren’t quite “there yet”. What I didn’t mention is that there’s “another side” to the story. Literally! Back of overdyed Gelli® Print On a number of prints, where the print surface was saturated with dye, the color …

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Gild the Gelli®

To “gild the lily” is to unnecessarily add adornment to something that is already beautiful and perfect. Simply put, you’re overdoing it.   To gild the Gelli® … Well, that’s a different story!!! More is more! Let’s glitz it up!   There are lots of ways to add a sparkly metallic touch to your Gelli® …

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