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Hello everyone, Giovanna here today. Are you enjoying the September ABC challenge on Gelli Arts® Instagram account?  Every day there’s a new post following the daily prompt from one member of the team, and everyone can participate using the hashtag #ABCPRINTINGCHALLENGE, so there’s a lot of fun, inspiration and ideas to share from all over the world. Amongst the other prompts I picked WHITE, and I found three ways to incorporate/use white paint in your gel prints. Enjoy!😊


You can use opaque white paint to get bold botanical prints on dark colored paper and add stenciled details with white translucent paint and titan buff:

You can use opaque white paint to transfer magazine pages on colored paper. I experimented a bit with vintage magazine adv, leaving the magazine snippet just a couple of seconds on the plate and it worked pretty well.

TIP: When you pull the print with the gel medium leave it on the plate to dry for a few minutes and then lift the paper.

Or you can use any white paint to get a lovely resist effect with stencils and any water based ink such watercolors or Distress Ink:

Materials I used:

Gelli Arts® 5×7 gel printing plate

-Gelli Arts® 6×6 gel printing plate

Gelli Arts® ‘Wonderland’ stencil

Gelli Arts® ‘Script’ stencil

Gelli Arts® ‘Geo’ stencil

Gelli Arts® Brayer

-Matte gel medium

-Acrylic paint: opaque white-translucent white-titan buff

-Yasutomo Origami paper



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Blick Art Materials


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2 thoughts on “WHITE Paint Fun with Gelli Arts®”

  1. Fabulous!! Thank you Gio, and Gelli Arts, for this great video on several ways to use our gelli plate with only white and stencils!! It could be also a great way to use quickly and beautifully our stock of (unused) color papers teehee 😀

  2. Got the girly on the School bus this morning and I am ready to play! Thank you for this inspiration. Love it!!!❤️

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