Use your Prints! Flip-flap book by Gelli® Artist Giovanna Zara

Hello everyone, Giovanna here today. The main question I have been asked is ‘What to do with your gel prints?’ To test the new stencils designed for Gelli Arts® some months ago I collected a bunch of prints, and I was eager to use them, so in this video I show you how to create an interactive book (with tons of gel prints inside) that you can use to adhere some photos or to make a journal with quotes or magazine snippets. To fit my prints, mainly 5×7”, using a square die that fits this size, I used some wild math (template at the end of this post), but in the end I found out it was very easy to make. Let’s have some fun!😊

Enjoy the video ☺


I’ve also made a tiny version of the flip flap book using the print leftovers, and I made it with no measurements at all: make a small accordion large enough to fit two or more rows of prints, glue down the covers, back and front, and cut these ones to size.

Materials I used:

Gelli Arts® 4” Round gel printing plate

-GelliArts® ‘Dots’ stencil

GelliArts® ‘Wonderland’ stencil

GelliArts® ‘Leaves & Script’ stencil

-golden acrylic paint 

-a bunch of gel print



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4 thoughts on “Use your Prints! Flip-flap book by Gelli® Artist Giovanna Zara”

  1. I adore this project!!! What a wonderful way of using all our Gelli gorgeous prints indeed, in different sizes!
    The bunch you have created Giovanna is fabulous, as well as your black and gold accordion paper inside.
    Thank you so much for this glorious project, with also useful template and video! 🙂

  2. Janet R. Steele

    Are your prints also on cardstock? Or paper, maybe thicker, but not cardstock? It seems the prints would need to be on heavier paper to stand up in the book. I love this project?.

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