Gel Printing with Gilding Flakes by Gelli® Artist Giovanna Zara

Hello everyone, Giovanna here today. I am so happy to show and introduce you to the new line of stencils designed by me for GelliArts®! These are designed having in mind gel printing, first and second print but these are suitable for any kind of crafting, with several techniques, inks, painting, sponging, embossing paste, glitter and crystal pigments, possibilities are endless.

In this video I show you how to add a precious touch to your prints using gilding flakes: these can be used in two ways, to the negative and positive design of the stencils, for a very different effect.

Enjoy the video ☺

You can frame your prints or use them for any craft project: I cut them to embellish a simplified Origami Chinese Thread Book; if you like to make a bigger book, create the inner pockets out of an A3 (11.7’’X16.5’’) sheet of paper. I used two 9’’x12’’ sheets, cut to square 9×9’’size.

Here’s the Origami tutorial I followed to make the thread book, the cover and large inner pockets:

Materials I used:

GelliArts® 5”X7” gel printing plate

GelliArts® ‘Tulip’ 5”X7′ stencil

GelliArts® ‘Script’ stencil

GelliArts® ‘Geo’ stencil

GelliArts® Mini Placement Tool

-Acrylic Paint

-Gilding flakes and gilding glue by IndigoBlu UK

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  1. Really fabulous, thank you!! I love the idea, and all these new stencils are SO gorgeous!!!!! Wonderful prints and very clever and beautiful use of them all. Thanks again, Corinne

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