EASY Beginner Friendly Gel Printed Landscapes by Gelli® Artist Tania Ahmed

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Today I am sharing how I made 4 easy seasonal landscape prints. I love creating abstract landscapes and using a few tips and tricks I learnt along the way, so can you!

The first step with all my prints is to let go of any expectations and embrace the process. These landscapes are more abstract rather than realistic, and the color schemes do not have to be realistic either. Use your imagination to create a palette that makes you happy!

To create these prints, I used a Gelli Arts ® 4” Round Gel Plate. I am using the Gelli Arts ® Mini Placement Tool to help with getting all the print layers to line up. I usually start by printing the “sky” portion of the print and mix more than one color paint directly on the plate to give it some depth and interest. I used tiny amounts of white in some of the prints to give a wispy cloud like effect. It is worth experimenting with different paint thicknesses and opacities.

When adding small dots of paint to create the flowers or clouds or tree leaves, keep in mind that a little goes a long way, and you can always add more on afterwards. The Mini Placement Tool will help you line up your placed elements in the same place every time.

I cut my paper down to 5×5 square pieces so that I would have an even border of one inch around my circular prints. I created masks using paper to create mountain and hill silhouettes and created texture using Mini Tools, crumpled deli paper, ribbon and even used my fingers to paint in some clouds! You can even play with the paint layer thickness on the gel plate which can give beautiful texture to your finished prints.

Also if you get paint where you don’t want it outside the circle border, let it dry completely and gently buff it off with a sand eraser or correct with very lightly with a paint marker. To add finishing touches and additional shading, I used Faber Castell Polychromos color pencils as they work well on top of acrylic paint.

To finish off the prints and give them a home, I made a simple accordion album cover using mountboard which I gel printed on using a Gelli Arts ® 5×7 Gel Plate.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating these landscape prints, and I hope that you enjoy my video tutorial and give this fun technique a go!

Watch my tutorial here:



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