Gel Printed Winter Silhouettes by Gelli® Artist Tania Ahmed

Hi Friends!

Today I am pleased to share a quick and easy way to create seasonal prints, using paper snowflakes and shapes made with toilet rolls.

The possibilities of prints with these are endless. You can make lots of different shapes and I have included just a few examples in this blog to help you get going.

This is also an excellent way of transforming prints that you already have: just add one more layer to cover the parts you don’t like and you have a new print. It is worth experimenting with different kinds of paints that you might have in your stash: opaque, translucent or even pearlescent paints which would look quite stunning on darker backgrounds.

You also don’t have to stick to white paint. You can try with different colors, or try black for a bold contrasting silhouette. I love using silhouette masks and stencils which helps to give a solid focal point and also lets some of the layers underneath shine.

You can use these prints to create Christmas cards or even make paper ornaments!

I hope that you enjoy my video tutorial and give this technique a go!

Watch my tutorial here:



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