Gel Printing Cards with the Gelli Arts® Mini Placement Tool by Marsha Valk

Hi there! It’s Marsha here today with a fun and easy way to create gel printed cards with the help of the Gelli Arts® Mini Placement Tool and a 3″x5″ gel printing plate.

The Mini Placement Tool makes aligning your paper a breeze, and that means that you can gel print layer after layer after layer, all in the exact same place on your paper.

Watch the video to see me gel print multiple layers on several sheets of paper using all of my favourite texture tools: paintbrushes, sponges, a silicone blade, cotton buds and more below:

To create cards just like mine, you will need heavyweight paper cut to 9″x6.5″.

Once you’re happy with your layered gel prints, you can fold the paper in half with the gel print on the front.

There will be a blank border around your print that is half an inch on two sides and 1 inch on the other two sides.

Trim half an inch off the two 1 inch sides, and you will end up with a perfect half inch border all around!

Have fun giving it a go!



Gelli Arts® Mini Placement Tool Kit (includes a 3″x5″ Gelli Arts® printing plate, a Mini Placement Tool, a 5″x7″ stencil, punchinella and eyelash yarn)

Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Tool


Heavyweight paper cut to exactly 9″x6.5″ (I used 225gsm/105lbs drawing paper)

Acrylic paint

2″ soft rubber brayer

Selection of paintbrushes

Palette knife or a silicone blade

Sponges (makeup, household, natural)

Cotton bud

Cardboard tube

Empty blister pack


Bone folder

Favorite pens and markers


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Blick Art Materials


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3 thoughts on “Gel Printing Cards with the Gelli Arts® Mini Placement Tool by Marsha Valk”

  1. my heavy cardstock warps when i print directly or collage- do you know of a cardstock that does not warp or curl when it gets a bit damp from paint or medium?

    1. Hi Selena! We asked Marsha and here’s her response:

      I think there will always be a degree of warping because you only apply paint to one side of the paper. Placing the paper/cards under weights or a stack of books overnight usually combats that for me. However, the warping also can be a result of not allowing the print to air dry in between pulls. So waiting a minute in between pulls might help too. If it takes longer than a minute to dry, try using less paint. Using a heat tool only causes more warping.

      The paper I like best is drawing paper. I use it in all kinds of weights. The one I used in the video is 225 gsm.
      It’s 105 lbs. Hope this helps!

      1. I use an iron to flatten paper that’s warped , with baking paper placed over the top.

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