Hand-made patterned papers for Origami with Gelli® Artist Giovanna Zara

Hello everyone, Giovanna here today! Since I was a child I was always fascinated by Origami. I used to have a beautiful book with lovely projects that I read now and then until my adult life. Recently, some Origami projects popped-up in my Instagram feed, so I thought, what better way to make colorful and one of a kind patterned papers with my Gelli plate®? In this video, I show you three different techniques to create patterned papers with rubber stamps, fun foam shapes and stencils, and how to fold a cute paper dress.

Enjoy the video ☺


For the first technique using rubber stamps

  1. Spread with a brayer dark acrylic paint on the small Gelli® plate and use a lighter hue on the large plate.
  2. Press the rubber stamp on the smaller plate and stamp with it on the larger plate.
  3. Pull a print on copy paper (I used 110 gsm paper, a bit thicker)

For the second technique using stencils:

  1. Spread with a brayer some blob of acrylic paint on the Gelli® plate.
  2. Lay a stencil on the Gelli® plate and pull a print or just clean the plate with copy paper pressing very hard.
  3. Leaving the stencil in place- sponge contrasting color of acrylic paint through the stencil’s openings.
  4. Lift the stencil and pull a print on white copy paper.

For the third technique using fun foam shapes or chipboard:

  1. Adhere fun foam shapes or chipboards to a piece of craft plastic or polystyrene to create your hand-made texture plate.
  2. Spread with a brayer some blob of acrylic paint on the Gelli® plate.
  3. Press the texture plate on the gel printing plate several times.
  4. Pull a print on white copy paper.

Here are three great tutorials to show the process in detail:

Tutorial for the Origami princess dress :  https://youtu.be/BSvGbGS1K2s

Tutorial for the Origami box:  https://youtu.be/-jRtPuynvqk

Tutorial for the Origami heart: https://youtu.be/lGWK9g32Fog



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