Simple Circles with Silicone Trivets and a Gelli Arts® 8” round gel plate with Mollie Weston

Hi everyone, Mollie here. I recently acquired a large round Gelli Arts® 8” gel printing plate, having wanted one for ages and I have to say I am slightly obsessed with it! I discovered silicone trivets for hot pans with some very decorative decorative designs, making them absolutely perfect for gel printing. 

It’s serendipity that I found some on Amazon that just happened to be the exact size I needed. I am sure there are plenty more on Amazon and at other outlets and I will definitely be investing in some extra designs. In the meantime I have found the 3 in this set were perfect to get me started. 

As ever I love to see what you do, so please leave a comment, or tag me on Instagram or Facebook at @artwithmollie with your design. Have fun!!


  • A variety of different coloured slow drying acrylic paints (I used Golden Open)
  • Square paper large enough to print with an 8” gel plate
  • Cleaning cloth and surface spray

With this project you can combine the prints that you get from the gel plate but also print with the trivet itself. As long as you use ‘Open’ acrylics, the paint left behind on the trivet will give a nice clear image. You can print the 2 methods separately or use both on the same print. And you can add as many layers as you like. In the video I have used 2 to keep it simple, but more layers of colour give more complex and interesting effects.


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