Gel Printing on Fabric: Cute Mini Dolls with Gelli Arts®

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Hello everyone, Giovanna here with a super fun project about gel printing on fabric where you can get a whole bunch of lovely cute mini dolls. I started with an old white piece of cotton, cut in little squares and with a bit of sewing and stuffing I got some colourful and one of a kind dolls with very simple or cat-ish shape.

Enjoy the video ☺


  • Take two pieces of white cotton size aprox 11×9 cm (4,3”x3,5”)
  • Spread with a brayer some blobs of acrylic paint on the 5×7” Gelli plate
  • Lay the GelliArts® Flower stencil and press very well the fabric on the plate
  • Leaving the stencil in place sponge acrylic paint through it
  • Lift the stencil and pull a print on the second piece of cotton
  • Add more details with stencils, layering up
  • Fold in half on reverse, add a piece of ribbon on top and sew leaving a small opening at the bottom
  • Flip the fabric inside out and put some stuffing
  • Sew close the gap and add some beads at the bottom
  • For the small face cut a piece of felt or gel print with gesso a fabric leftover (to avoid fraying)
  • Trace and cut out a circle and draw the features
  • Glue the circle to the doll and hand stitch or glue some buttons


  • Brayer
  • Acrylic paint
  • White cotton, ribbons, buttons


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2 thoughts on “Gel Printing on Fabric: Cute Mini Dolls with Gelli Arts®”

  1. Gorgeous project Giovanna.
    All the little dolls are so cute.
    Thank you so much for sharing your great inspiration and the video tutorial.
    Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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