Easy Gel Printed Cards with Gelli Arts® Mini Gel Printing Plates by Tania Ahmed

Hi Everyone, 

Today I am sharing how to create easy, clean and simple cards made using your Gelli Arts Mini Plates and Ranger Archival Inks.

Using ink pads can be a fun alternative to using paint on your plate and can be a perfect project to make with kids.

You can use any ink pads that you have, just keep in mind that Archival inks, oil based and pigment inks might give more coverage on your gel plate. It will also depend on the brand. Dye inks might tend to bead up on the surface of your plates, but that gives a cool effect too and so much fun to experiment. Just see what you already have in your collection and try it out!

Some inks will pick up detailed texture better than others and Archival Inks are what work best for me.

I went hunting in my garden for some simple leaf shapes and experimented to see which silhouettes worked the best and also got me to think outside the box with my supplies.

Also limiting your supplies can help with being less overwhelmed, which is why I only stuck to one kind of ink pad for this tutorial.

The Stamping storage case makes it really easy to use the Mini Plates as stamps and as they are see through, you can easily align them with the print underneath so that you are stamping in the same spot.

Have fun layering with your textures and inks and before you know it, you will have a pile of cards, ready to add a stamped or printed sentiment to!

Have a great day and happy printing,



Gelli Arts Mini Plates

Gelli Arts Mini Plate Stamping/Storage Case

Various shapes of leaves

Ranger Archival Inks

Card Blanks

Texture making objects: silicone mat


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Blick Art Materials


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1 thought on “Easy Gel Printed Cards with Gelli Arts® Mini Gel Printing Plates by Tania Ahmed”

  1. Awesome cards Tania, I love all the possibilities you showed with the mini plates
    in your great video tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and
    have a wonderful day.

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