Create Gel Printed Coloring Pages with Gelli Arts® by Martice Smith

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It’s Martice here sharing how to create simple coloring book pages using black gesso, stencils and of course, a gel plate. Black gesso is smooth, just like white gesso. Most of the time I use white gesso to prime my canvases or any painting surface. Black gesso is a great primer that allows gel pens and acrylic paint markers to glide on top of it with ease. I love how it keeps all colors vibrant and rich. Let’s get started! 

STEP 1: Roll out a thin layer of black gesso on a 4” round gel plate

If your layer of gesso is too thin, you’ll notice the gesso will start to separate. No worries, just add another layer.

STEP 2: Place the gel plate directly on top of a stencil and press firmly.

You’ll know you have a good image if you can see it peeking through the back side of the plate.

*Tip: I like to keep at least one of the plastic protective sheets that comes with the gel plate. It helps me handle the plate better when I want to use it as a stamp.

STEP 3: Carefully lift both the gel plate and stencil.

STEP 4: Repeat steps 1 – 3 to cover your surface.

STEP 5: Add color!

Use gel pens, markers, paint markers, watercolors, etc. to add wonderful color to your new coloring pages. There’s no wrong way to approach this – just have fun! If you try this tutorial, please be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook using #gelliarts and @GelliArts – we love seeing your creations!

Happy printing!



4” Round Gelli® Printing Plate 

  • Black Gesso 
  • Paper 
  • Stencils 
  • Brayer
  • Assortment of paint pens, markers, crayons, watercolor


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Blick Art Materials


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  1. Great idea Martice, some I wouldn’t even colour.
    I love the black and white also!
    Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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