Easy Gel Printing with Gelli Arts® Layering Tips by Tania Ahmed

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One of the questions I get asked the most is how to layer prints and share tips on how to get less muddy colours.

The best way is to get to know your paints, learn some basic colour theory and understand paint opacity. Different paints behave in different ways so getting to know your supplies will benefit your work in the long run!

My favourite tips are:

If using complementary colours like yellow and purple on the gel plate at the same time, try not to over blend the colours and clean your roller in between spreading each colour. This will keep your colors looking more fresh!

When adding a second of even third layer, keep in mind how opaque or translucent your paints are. If they are translucent, the finished result will be affected by the color underneath!

Also, when adding your next layers, leave as much negative space as you can, so that the colours underneath and shine through. Sometimes covering up the print underneath is disappointing, so use stencils or masks that have wide open designs.

For more ideas, I would highly suggest checking out these videos by Marsha Valk:



I hope that you found these tips useful and that you liked the video tutorial!

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2 thoughts on “Easy Gel Printing with Gelli Arts® Layering Tips by Tania Ahmed”

  1. Thank you so much for your great video tutorial Tanis.
    The tips are so very helpfull and your prints are gorgeous!
    Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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