Gel Printing Layers with the Gelli Arts® Perfect Placement Tool for A4 Paper

Hi there! It’s Marsha here today with a video to show you my favourite way to use the Perfect Placement Tool!

Did you know that Gelli Arts® recently launched a Perfect Placement Tool designed for A4 paper? So if you’re used to printing on A4 sized instead of Letter sized paper, this is the tool for you!

The new A4 version works exactly like the original Perfect Placement Tool. It’s developed to perfectly align layered prints made with the 3″x5″, 5″x7″, 6″x6″ and 8″x10″ gel printing plates.

So while in the video, I use my new Perfect Placement Tool for A4 paper, you can use the exact same methods to create the same kind of prints if you have the original Perfect Placement Tool for Letter sized sheets.

Let me show you how I love to use the Perfect Placement Tool:

I start with pulling an image resist transfer print with the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate in the video. 

I know this can be a challenging technique to master, and unfortunately, I don’t have any special tips or tricks for you to help you achieve similar results.

I’ve learned this technique from fellow Gelli Arts® brand ambassador Birgit Koopsen, and following the exact steps she once taught me has nearly always given me good results.

So if you want to learn how to create image resist transfer prints, I advise you to study both of Birgit’s tutorials on the subject and then practise loads:

Resist Printing with Gelli Arts® Plates, Books, and Magazines

Image Resist Printing Using StazOn + Gelli Arts® by Birgit Koopsen

Happy layered printing with the Perfect Placement Tool! Please share the prints you make with us on Instagram using the hashtags #gelliarts #gelliartsmade. We would love to see them!



Gelli Arts® Perfect Placement Tool for A4 Paper

5″ x 7″ Gelli Arts® gel printing plate

Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Tool


High contrast image from a glossy magazine (I’ve had excellent results with Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar)


Acrylic paint

4″ roller

Repositionable adhesive roller

Alphabet stencil


Cotton bud

Torn scrap of computer paper


Handcut masks

Handcut stencil

Optional: paint marker, coloured pencil


Michael’s Stores

Blick Art Materials

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2 thoughts on “Gel Printing Layers with the Gelli Arts® Perfect Placement Tool for A4 Paper”

  1. Absolutely stunning Marsha! I love how you created all those beautiful layers and that image is perfect.
    Thank you so much for this great video, stay safe and have a wonderful day.


    Hi Marsha, This technique is fabulous and your finished result is stunning !!
    Love from Patricia xx

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