Gel Printing with Water Soluble Crayons and Watercolor Pencils by Birgit Koopsen

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It’s Birgit here and today I am sharing two ways of using water-soluble projects on the gel plate.

The products I used solve very easily and that is why I prefer them, but other water-soluble products work too, you just have to be a bit more patient for them to solve.

For the first method I only dipped the product in water and left the plate dry. This way you will get nice, vibrant colors but the product may dry a bit on the plate before you pull the print. This might give incomplete prints but personally I like that distressed look.

After you took the first print there will still be quite some product on the plate but too dry to pull directly. 

You can pull this print with a thin layer of paint, which will give a totally different, but also interesting look.

If you do the same technique but spray the plate with water first, you will get a more watercolor look. The colors will touch and mix when you place the paper on top. But you might just like that effect!

Be careful not to use too much water, the print will loose detail and vibrancy. Experiment a little to find you preferred look.

For the second method I first sprayed a rubber stamp (or texture plate) with water and then colored it with the crayons. Then I rolled out some acrylic paint on the plate and stamped the wet color on top.

This way you can create nice, soft, pastel tones with your vibrant colors.

Of course you can use colored acrylic paint in stead of white to create a completely different look.

Again, experiment to see what you like best.

Happy printing!



Gelli Arts® 3”x5” gel printing plate

Speedball small soft rubber brayer

Dina Wakley- Scribble Sticks

Lyra – Groove Triple

Neocolor II – water-soluble wax pastels

Faber-Castel – Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils

Faber-Castel – Art Grip Aquarelle

Bruynzeel – Expression Water Colour

Winsor & Newton – Galeria Acrylics White

Heavy printer/copier paper (200gr.)


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Blick Art Materials


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2 thoughts on “Gel Printing with Water Soluble Crayons and Watercolor Pencils by Birgit Koopsen”

  1. Is the “dot” texture plate commercially available or homemade? If made by you, what are the “dots” made of?

    1. The dots are a texture plate made by Carabelle Studios. Search for Carabelle Studios texture plates, dots. You should be able to find a retailer.

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