Round and Round… Motivation Wheel with Gelli Arts®

Hello everyone, Giovanna here with a fun and colourful craft project that you can make also with your children. You can download, resize and print at home the template I designed for you to create  this spinning wheel following the video tutorial. Enjoy! ☺

Enjoy this video tutorial:


  1. 1. Roll out small blobs of acrylic paint on the round Gelli® plate 
  2. 2. Add texture laying gently some texture plates
  3. 3. Pull a print on good quality cardstock
  4. 4. Add details with stencils, adding layers 
  5. 5. Trace and cut out 3 circles, for my large version size are: 
    •    8’’  (20.32 cm)
    •    7.67’’  (19.5 cm)
    •    7.08’’  (18 cm)
  6. 6. On the front panel (medium size) cut a small opening for the sentiment
  7. 7. Join together the front and smaller panel with an eyelet or brads
  8. 8. Glue or staple along the edge the larger circle to the front panel
  9. 9. Stamp the sentiments/motivational quotes inside the front panel opening
  10. 10. Embellish with doodles and stencils
  11. 11. Spin the wheel!

Here the template:



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