Journal Printing with Hahnemuehle and Gelli Arts® by Sara Ferret

Hi everyone! Sara Ferret here and I am excited to share some fun Hahnemühle journals using Gelli Arts®!

When printing in a journal, #1 tip is to use an acrylic block! Just stick the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate to the block and then you can use the plate as a stamp. With this option you can see more clearly where you are placing your prints and can avoid having a white stripe in the spine.

I place my journal on my table and then hole the acrylic block in my hand using the Gelli Arts® plate backwards as a stamp.

For these pages, I used paint and some stencils to create several colorful backgrounds. Having backgrounds ready to go is very useful because colored pages are so much better than fighting with the block of a white page when you want to work with your journal.

I used my stencil with the Gelli Arts® printing plate and stamped in several pages. This repetition makes to have something in common in the different pages when you flip through.

Another tip that I discovered doing this several times, is that when you use a stencil on the plate, usually there is some left paint in the stencil. You can see in the video that I try to print the paint in the stencil to the journal, and I can print only a little. Instead, try printing the stencil directly to the paper. Place the stencil on the Gelli® printing plate, take it away, and see the paint is directly transferred to the Gelli Arts® printing plate. You can use all this paint.

How to print with Gelliarts printing plate on a Hahnemühle journal:

And here is another journal to inspire you!

I hope you enjoyed how fun and easy these great journals are!!




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