Gelli Arts® and Hahnemühle Week featuring Kirsten Varga

Welcome to Hahnemühle and Gelli Arts Week!

A blank page can be intimidating…especially when you have a new sketchbook and the possibilities are endless! When I was brainstorming how to approach the beautiful Hahnemühle Sketchbook I was given I decided I would take it apart to monoprint the pages because it was bound with a couple staples and that’s easy to remove. 


Using my Gelli Arts® printing plates to create backgrounds is one of my favorite things to do. Keep it simple or add layer after layer! You never know what imagery will appear to inspire your art! To put the book back together I chose a 7-hole pamphlet stitch. I ended up creating two books from the pages of the single sketchbook!

Check out the video below for a peek into my process

I am once again sharing a bookbinding technique and I do hope my instructions are clear. If you left feeling confused please research 7-hole pamphlet stitch for amazing tutorials by creators who are more adept at showcasing the steps. I am getting better but I have more to learn and I didn’t want my inexperience in creating bookbinding tutorials deter me from sharing this project.

Happy Creating!!




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