The Basics: What You Need To Know When You Start Gel Printing

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It’s Birgit here and today and I have no pictures of fancy and colorful prints. Today’s video is about what you need to know before you start gel printing.

You can use almost every painting, stamping and drawing medium on the gel plate and there are uncountable videos to find online about all the different techniques you can do.

I notice that a lot of people who buy a gel plate for the first time dive right in and try all those fun techniques because the results are all amazing. But the basics, the need to knows, get skipped.

I think that in order to be able to manage all those techniques you first need to master the basics.

So here’s a start and it might also be interesting if you have been gel printing for a while now.

I will go in to how to roll out your paint, how much paint to use and why, which paint to use and how to clean and store your plate.

And if you follow these instructions I can guarantee that you will enjoy your gel plate for a long time!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy printing!



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5 thoughts on “The Basics: What You Need To Know When You Start Gel Printing”

  1. Wonderful video! I have been printing for a while but never knew the best way to use my brayers. Thanks for the tios❤️

  2. This is an amazing video. So informative. In under 9 mins, I got all my questions answered!!!

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