Fun and Easy Cards by Mansi Bhatia

Hello, again, everyone!

Graduation season is upon us and I am sharing some really
fun and easy cards you can make for the graduates in your life! The fluorescent
colors make each unique monoprint that much more vibrant! I hope you’ll enjoy
the video and find some ideas on how to create your own greeting cards.

I used the Gelli Arts®️ Mini set of octagon, quatrefoil and
diamond mini plates. The process is simple: brayer on a thin layer of color on
to the mini plate, add a pattern (or not if you prefer to just highlight the
shape of the mini plate which is a design element in and of itself), and stamp
a monoprint. I like to place my mini plate on an acrylic block for easy manipulation, but you can also put your cardstock on to the mini gel plate and pull a

I went around the cardstock “stamping” my colors and
patterns, covering every bit of the paper. I don’t like to leave any white
spots because when I trim this cardstock to make my final cards, I’ll find a
way to use all parts of it.

When I was happy with the final image, I started assembling
the card(s). I trimmed the first cardstock (original size was 5.5×4.25) by a
half inch on all sides (and saved the resulting frame). I added a gold die cut sentiment
and a reverse sentiment strip along with some small embellishments and the card
was gold to go. I used the frame from this card in the second card and also
used the paper I cleaned my brayer on (I never throw those copy papers away!).
As you can see in the video, I was able to get some very different looking
cards using the same mini gel plate and the same colors.

I then used the quatrefoil mini gel plate to create the next
set of cards and decided not to use any patterns this time mainly because I
wanted to show you how easy it is to make a beautiful card with minimal effort.

This was such a quick process and I love the final outcome. If
you’re creative, you’ll be able to get multiple cards out of a single

I hope you will give these versatile mini gel plates a try
and make some really unique cards!

Happy printing!

See you all next time,


P.S. if you want to see a real-time video of my process with
these mini gel plates, be sure to watch the live video on the Gelli Arts®️ Facebook page.



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