How to Make a Gel Printed Fabric Mask by Tania Ahmed

Hi friends!

Like many of you I have been spending a lot
of time indoors which means that I can revisit some of my older hobbies and
interests. I used to sew a lot when I was in college and often used to make customized bags, pouches and totes for my classmates. I think a lot of us
crafters who have been doing it for many years have dabbled in all sorts of

As face masks are a little hard to get hold of here in the UK, with delivery
times extending to weeks, I decided to try my hand at sewing one and was
surprised to discover that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

Here is how I created mine:

There are many free tutorials available online, so after watching a couple I adapted the pattern to suit me and the supplies I had readily available. Plus, I was itching to do some gel printing on fabric and use some of the newer stencils!

My sewing was a bit rusty, but I had fun stitching the face mask together which
you can watch in the video tutorial that I made.


  • Gelli Arts® Mini Plates
  • Gelli Arts® 3×5″ Plate
  • Gelli Arts® Stencils: Leaf, Circle, Roundabout
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Fabric Medium
  • Cotton Fabric (pre-shrunk if you plan on washing it)
  • Brayer

I hope that you all are keeping safe wherever you are during these safe and
uncertain times.

If you have any questions, please do let me know! Have ever you tried printing
on fabric before?

Take care and have a great day, friends!



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5 thoughts on “How to Make a Gel Printed Fabric Mask by Tania Ahmed”

  1. Great! A face mask tutorial that I can do! I am having a problem finding the facbric glue. Can you tell me who makes the one used in the video? Thank you

  2. LOVE IT!…and so pretty! Your video was so well done! I gave my sewing machine away a few years ago, but I must try this on fabric anyway! TFS! and be safe!

  3. Super ! I am waiting for the fabric medium and my Gelli plate ! Thanks for this fabulous tip on how to personalize my masks. I can’t stand them anymore so let’s make them fun !

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