Teacher Appreciation Week With Sara M!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

We want to share with everyone how awesome art educators are! We know teachers work so hard to inspire their students to reach their full potential. 

Today, Sara M shares with us the many ways she teaches with the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate- check it out!

These images are from a guest workshop I taught for one 3-hour class at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. The goal was to introduce the students to a new way of creating monoprints and monotypes without the use of a traditional press. We explored using a variety of materials as resists to create multi-layered images. We all enjoyed the freedom of working quickly and intuitively to achieve results and the ease of printing by hand.

These samples were created before the Salem College workshop as sample ideas of how to use resists, layering prints, painting imagery on top of the plate, and cutting your own cardboard paint combs from old cereal boxes for mark-making.

These images are from my Art-o-Mat series. I started making these blocks in 2013 and still print them today. I use leaves from the same schefflera plant as a resist to create these blocks. Sometimes I ink up the leaves to add additional interest to the background. Most of these prints contain at least three layers of printing – sometimes more. I love the expediency of printing with the Gelli® plate and can print 6-8 blocks from the same 9 x 12” plate. The flexibility of the Gelli® plate really allows me to press the blocks into the surface to pick up fine details from the leaves or create interesting halo effects around irregularities in the stem. I also appreciate the ability to take the plate with me and print where-ever I like with the capability of cleaning everything up with water. When finished, it all packs away and stores easily without the need for specialized equipment to achieve beautiful results. 

Thank you Sara for sharing with us how you use your Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates!!

We encourage you to thank your teachers for all their hard work!


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