Teacher Appreciation Week with Laura S!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

We want to share with everyone how awesome art educators are! We know teachers work so hard to inspire their students to reach their full potential. 

Today, Laura S from Saline High School shares a workshop she did with other teachers that was adapted from other lessons she did with her students:

“This project was taught during the professional development workshop for teachers in our district. We focused on creating gel prints for a large book cover, a small book cover, a junk journal cover, and valentines. 

There was a major paper selection for people to choose from. (Old Maps, book pages, tissue paper, tracing paper, cardstock, fabrics, various texture/color/weight papers) Prepped paper stations and materials for gel printing were in stations around the room. After providing a demonstration and material tour, teachers got busy setting up their work space. 

This workshop was an adaptation from various lessons I have taught to my 10-12 grade Art and Design & Drawing & Painting classes.”

Thank you to Laura for sharing with us how you use your Gelli Arts® Printing Plates!!

We encourage you to thank your teachers for all their hard work!

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