Printing with Textured Paper Lesson Plan


  • Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT) create a Gelli Arts® printed textured print.
  • SWBAT comprehend mark making skills.
  • SWBAT practice patience through drawing foam shapes.
  • SWBAT use the elements of line, shape, form, and color as they plan their design.


  • What is texture?
  • What are shapes?
  • What is form?


  • Gelli Arts® printing plate
  • Roller
  • Newsprint
  • Cardstock paper (white)
  • Puff paints
  • Texture tools (combs, stencils, masks)
  • Acrylic or Tempra paint
  • Brush


  • Puffy Paint – Looks like acrylic craft paint when squirted out of its bottle, but it expands and puffs up as it dries, adding a cloud-like look to the lines of paint
  • Design – A group of lines or shapes created to form a pattern
  • Texture – A raised or describable feel to a surface


  • Step One – Use the puffy paint to create a design on the cardstock. Allow it to dry (takes several hours)
  • Step Two – Apply paint to gelli plate and roll it into a thin layer
  • Step Three – Place your cardstock with the dried puffy paint design on the gelli plate puff side down and apply pressure with hands on cardstock while on the plate
  • Step Four – Remove, or pull your print
  • Step Five – You can add more layers to your texture print by applying new paint to the plate and using other texture tools such as combs, stencils, etc
  • Step Six – Apply your print facedown the same as before to pull up new layers to your print!

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