Gelli Arts® + Spellbinders® : Ombre Pastel Prints by Tania Ahmed

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to share my project for the
Gelli Arts® and Spellbinders Jane Davenport collaboration!

I had a lot of fun using the Palette Pastels from Jane Davenport’s line with Spellbinders using
the pastels gel print technique. It’s very easy to blend colours on the gel
plate to get beautiful ombre effects. I’ve especially created a video showing
off how I made this print plus I used the Storytime Paint Pens to add marks to
get a very tribal finished piece.

Lately I’ve been enjoying projects that force me to slow down and take my time.
I find that it calms my thoughts, and also helps me to focus and bring myself
into the present.

To me that’s why art is so important and also for many of us for whom
creativity is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. Art brings us joy and a
peace of mind which is especially relevant at the moment.

To me gel printing is complete freedom, and
the results never fail to delight me 🙂 Even failed prints are an opportunity
to learn or reuse as another layer. I hope that you give this technique a go,
or even just take out your gel plates and supplies and play.



  • Gelli Arts® 8×10″ Jane Davenport Plate
  • Gelli Arts® 8×10″ Leaf Stencil

Spellbinders Products:

  • Mermalicious Brush Set from Making Faces by Jane Davenport
  • Mineral Eyes Palette Pastel Set from Making Faces by Jane Davenport
  • Chilled Palette Pastel Set from Making Faces by Jane Davenport
  • Lit Up Palette Pastel Set from Making Faces by Jane Davenport
  • Baton Blenders 30 Dual-Tip Foam Applicators from Making Faces by Jane Davenport
  • Storytime Paint Pens- Wonderland
  • Storytime Paint Pens- Snow Queen
  • Charismattic Paint – Look At Me Lilac
  • Charismattic Paint – I Love You Pink
  • Charismattic Paint- Minty Fresh

Take care, friends!




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