Gelli Arts® + Spellbinders® : Fun Art Journal Page by Alexa Doebler

Hello Lovely Creatives! Alexa here, &
I’m SOOOOO excited to be a part of the Gelli Arts®️ & Spellbinders

In today’s project, I’m using Spellbinders + Jane Davenport Palette Pastels to create a fun background
using my gel printing plate & also using them to create the perfect shading on
my face for this art journal page!

Additionally, I use multiple other Spellbinders
Jane Davenport products for painting & embellishing the page….see if you
can spot all the amazing products in the video!

Check out the process here:


The technique for your Gelli Arts ®️
printing plate is so simple & has a HUGE impact!

1. Grab your 8×10″ Gelli® Plate, your pastels, a
sponge, some white or iridescent white paint & your brayer.

2. Sponge your pastels through various stencils onto
your plate.


3. Continue until full. Spray with a fixative. 


4. Cover with a light coat of white or iridescent
white paint.

5. Pull your print!


  • 8×10″ Gelli Arts®️ Printing Plate
  • Jane Davenport Palette Pastels
  • Jane Davenport Storytime Paint Pens
  • Jane Davenport Matchmaker paints
  • Jane Davenport Charismattic paints
  • Jane Davenport Ultimate Pen
  • Jane Davenport Fine Line Brush Pen

Hope you are inspired to create!

Thank you Spellbinders for an awesome collaboration!



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