Gelli Arts® + Spellbinders® : Easy Portraits by Sara Ferret

Sara here today teaming up with Gelli Arts® and the Jane Davenport + Spellbinders collection.

I want to share with you how to draw a portrait with fun stencils if you do not know how to draw them. 

Watch my video below to see my process:


Step by step:

1. I started by playing with my Gelli Arts® printing plate and Spellbinders acrylic paints. Using my roller, some art printing plates, and some stencils, I made marks all over the same watercolor paper. I added some neon acrylic paint from Vallejo.

2. Then I used Good Face Stencils by Jane Davenport for Spellbinders with black acrylic paint, allowing me to have a sketch of a woman’s face.

3. After being satisfied with my pretty background, I started to build the face with the Matchmaker set. These acrylic paint colors are made in various skin tones!

4. I then stamped a flower on the top on the head with Versafine black ink.

5. Next, I used the Licensed to Quill pen to outline the stenciled face, and draw some of the hair.

6. I used the StoryTime Paint Pens in pink, green, blue, teal and purple to draw more hair.

7. After that I used green Inkredible Ink, to give color to the background of the hair, and pink Inkredible Ink to color the flower on the woman’s head.

8. I also used the markers to color the eyes.

9. To finish, I wanted to create depth to the face with lights and shadows, so I used the Pastel Birthday Suit Palette with Baton Blenders.


– Gelli Arts® printing plate

– Inkredible Ink (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– Palette Pastel Birthday Suit (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– Baton Blenders (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– Matchmaker Set (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– Licensed to Quill (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– Good Face Stencils (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– StoryTime Paint Pens Wonderland (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– StoryTime Paint Pens Snow Queen (black and white) (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– Charismattic Acrylic Paint Ancient Pages, Minty Fresh, Look At Me Lilac, I Love You Pink (Spellbinders + Jane Davenport)

– Watercolor Paper

– Brayer

– Art Printing A6: Floral Grid by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle:

– Art Printing Rond : Floral Rosette by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle

– Masque A6 : Floral Grid by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle

– Masque carré 6” : Floral stained glass by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle

– AbStudio heart’s 6×6″ stencil

– Versafine Black Ink

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and know that it is okay to not know how to paint a face, but with the help of a stencil we can all make beautiful portraits!

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