Gelli Arts® + Miss Mamamint Collaboration: Homemade Journal by Alexa Doebler

Hello! Alexa here, bringing you a fun journal project using your Gelli Arts® printing plate, Miss Mamamint embellishments, stencils, papers and an envelope!

See the whole process here:

To make this journal, start by printing your envelope.

Once you’ve printed your cover, cut your pages to 8 x 10.5″.

Next, we’ll assemble your journal. Poke 3 holes into the pages and cover (top, middle, bottom).

Grab your thread and needle.

Start by going in through the hole, then back through the bottom hole, leaving the end hanging out. 

Go through the top hole, then back to the bottom hole.

Lastly, go back through the middle hole.

Pull tight, knot, and trim excess.

Add a hole to the envelope flap and tie a ribbon to wrap your journal.

Embellish the cover and blank pages. Tuck some extra embellishments into the pocket and ta-da! Check out your cute journal!

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