Ribbon Embellishments with your Gelli Arts®️ prints with Alexa Doebler

Hey hey everyone, Alexa here with a fun
project for your Gelli Arts®️ prints!

I am often asked about what to do with all those
prints…because you know how it goes, once you get printing, you can’t stop!
And before long, you have a huge stack of prints. 

What do you do with them?!

Or, you’re trying a new technique on your plate
& the first few prints don’t quite turn out how you want. They’re not bad,
but not what you were trying to achieve, so into the pile they go!

Well, this project will help you use up those
less than perfect prints or make a dent in that pile of fun ones just waiting
for a project. This project is also great for creating that scrappy look in
your art journals!

Today we’ll create scrappy ‘ribbons’ of gel printed pages. 

Check out the process video here:

To create these ribbons, simply cut your prints
into 2 different sizes of strips. I cut 1 inch strips & half inch strips.

Next, take the strips to your sewing machine.
Stack a skinnier strip on top of a wider strip. (Using contrasting colors
creates fun interest & a scrappy look).

Run it through your sewing machine about a half
inch (no need to be precise) & then stop your machine. Next, create a fold
& tuck the strip under itself to create a ‘ruffle’.

Then sew again. Repeat this pattern. Sew, stop,

When you get to the end of the strips, you can
either start a new one & just make small bits, or you can tuck new strips
into the fold & keep going to create a long ribbon.

In the end you’ll have perfect scrappy bits to
add to your art journal!

Materials used:

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  1. Brilliant! I make prints on a regular basis and yes! lots of them hanging around….not any more! Thank you for sharing.

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