Multiple Layered Prints- Lining Up Paper by Birgit Koopsen

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It’s Birgit here today with a new video.

A question we hear a lot is “how do you print multiple layers and get them all in the right place?’

The simplest way is to line up your paper with a reference sheet under your gel plate.

The easiest thing to do is place your plate on a sheet of paper the same size as the paper you want to print on.

If you want, you can mark the bottom of the printing paper to prevent having the paper upside down when printing the next layers.

Now make sure you line up the corners of the printing paper with the corners of the reference paper underneath the plate, and your prints will be in the exact right position. 

Thank you for watching and happy printing!



3×5″ Gelli Arts® Printing Plate

Acrylic Paint: DecoArt Premium

Momento Luxe Ink Pads

Speedball Brayer

Mask: Indian Mandala by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle Studio

Art Printing Plate: Floral Grid by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle Studio

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  1. Hi Birgit: Beautiful work and so well demonstrated. What is the music in the background? I can see how it might inspire you to creaate such beautiful art. Thanks. Janis Cortese

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