Venetian Mask with Crystal Colors by Giovanna Zara

Hello, Giovanna here! Lately, Crystal Colours are all the rage. They are little bottles containing colourful powders that react with water creating a burst of color perfect to create one of a kind backgrounds. You can even use them as watercolours. 

There are several kinds of crystal colours on the market, from basic ones to ones containing mica powder or even walnut crystal to get a more vintage look. The vibrant pigments work perfectly with the Gelli Arts® plate! In this video I show you how to use them on parchment paper and, with the prints I got, I gave a new look to a couple of blank carnival masks. Right on time to celebrate the wonderful Venetian Carnival!

Note: please wear gloves when working with crystal colours. 

Watch my video and create along with me!

Step by step tutorial:

Roll out a small bit on the diamond mini Gelli® plate, and then pour and roll out the crystal colour on top of that.

Flip over the mini plate and print on the parchment paper.

Repeat with a darker shade or contrasting colour, then lay a stencil on the previous print and print over that. Repeat this process until you fill the whole parchment sheet. I created monochromatic print pages, but you can use different colours on the same page.

Make several of these prints with different shades.

Now to decorate the mask: first, tear the gel printed parchment paper.

Brush gel medium over the mask and adhere the parchment paper strips to the mask.

Cover the whole mask and set aside to dry. When dry, trim the excess paper off and embellish with rhinestones, feathers, lace, 3D pens, etc.

Now your mask is finished!


Gelli Arts® Minis- Octagon, Diamond, Quatrefoil

Gelli Arts® Parchment Paper

Gelli Arts® Brayer

– DecoArt Americana Premium gel medium (matte or glossy)

– Crystal Colours (Pixie, Infusions, Brusho, Magical Shaker, Shimmer Powders)

– Mandala Stencils by GiogioCraft

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