Gel Printed Envelope Art Journal with Gelli Arts® by Tania Ahmed

Hello, Tania here!

Gel printing can be done on any surface, and recently I have been really into making handmade art journals and experimenting with different ways to bind them. I had a lot of blank envelopes left over from a previous project, which I thought would be perfect for gel printing.

Watch my video tutorial on how I made this gel printed envelope album, which could be perfect for keeping notes, mementos, or add DIY postcards made with more gel prints and add your own journaling!

To begin, I gel printed on the envelopes with acrylic paints, making sure to cover both sides. I used bubble wrap, stencils and the Gelli Arts® mini tools to create patterns into the paint on the plate.

My journal was made with 10 envelopes which I bound together by gluing the flaps of envelopes to their sides. There are many different ways to attach the envelopes together, but I like using this method the most as I think it makes it look more like a little journal book and hides the binding!

I hope you enjoy the video and have a go at making your own little art journal!


Gelli Arts® 9×12″ Gel Printing Plate

Gelli Arts® Mini Tools

-DecoArt acrylic paints

-C6 size white envelopes




-Bubble wrap

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6 thoughts on “Gel Printed Envelope Art Journal with Gelli Arts® by Tania Ahmed”

  1. What a great idea. I love how you used the flaps to put it together. Always looking for new ways with my gelli plate. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Tania for sharing these useful printing ideas. As an individual interested in journal or workbook printing, I always appreciate novel ideas just like you shared. Please keep sharing more amazing ideas and also visit my website to get ideas that I share from time to time.

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