Holiday Angels with Gelli Arts® by Alexa Doebler

Hey everyone, Alexa here!
I had tons of fun using my Gelli®️ plate
on some 3D paper mache cones & creating some angels for some fun holiday decor. I used bright, fun colors & some cutie stamps I designed to make
these sweet patchwork style gals. Check them out below!

Create these by grabbing your Gelli Arts®️ mini printing plates & some paper mache cones. Paint the cones white.

Add paint to your plate. Use stencils
or your Gelli Arts®️ Printing Tool Combs to create interest & texture. Then
just roll the cone over the plate.

Using your roll off scrap paper, cut out wings, a
halo & a sentiment circle. Stamp or draw a face on white paper.

Then assemble the angels- and ta-da! 

You could also make these into super cute
trees with a funky star on top. 

Thanks for stopping by! We’d love to see if you make some patchwork
angels, trees, ornaments or other festive decor, so be sure to tag us @GelliArts and #GelliArts in your
social media posts!



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