Collaborative Kid’s Project for Schools, Art Clubs, Scouts & Parties by Helen O’Hara

Hello! It’s
Helen O’Hara here with a great collaborative project for schools, art clubs,
Scouts and Guides, and even birthday parties.

All you
need for this project is paper, your Gelli Arts® printing plates, paint,
rollers, textures, a pair of compasses, scissors and glue.

Each child needs to draw and cut out 4 or more circles onto thick paper; this is great for math! It doesn’t matter how many different sized circles you use as long as everybody has the same (for the tiny ones you could have this ready prepared).

Next print your circles any way you like with your gel plates. We used credit cards, combs, bubble wrap and all sorts of packaging materials- great for recycling!

Once the children have printed their circles, they need to dry before being glued together into a “target” shape. Acrylic paint dries very fast so this shouldn’t take long.

children can then fold the target in half and in half again. This will make creases
on the paper dividing it into 4 parts. Now cut each target into 4 “pizza

children keep one quarter and then trade the other 3 with their friends until
everyone has 4 different slices. Now glue the slices back into a circle onto
some paper and you’re ready to mount them on a wall altogether. They look

Great job everyone!


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