Gift Tag + Card Ideas From The Gelli Arts® Ninja Jr. Printmakers!

Hello and welcome to the Gelli Arts® Blog! Today, our Ninja Jr. Printmakers are bringing you some gift tag and card ideas for this holiday season!

Gift Tags by Tuva

Tuva has made some lovely gift tags using leaves on her gel plate. She used PaperArtsy paint, Archival ink and some twine to complete the tags. 

Cards and Mini Booklet by Maisie

For our next project idea, Maisie made cards with the Gelli Arts® DIY Gel Animals kit.

Maisie first cut out a mask after tracing the included flamingo image. Then, she put some colors down on her plate and placed the mask over the gel plate and pulled a print. Maisie completed the card by drawing on some flamingo legs and wings!

Maisie turned some of these prints into a mini booklet!

Cards by Aimee

Aimee here! During this season, I really love the changing color of the leaves and that is what inspired me to make this particular print. In order to create the fall theme, I used warmer tones and also printed with a layer of gold paint on top of the initial design. I often find that there are lots of birthdays and other celebrations occurring during the fall, and creating cards using my Gelli Arts® made prints is a perfect way to incorporate crafts into gift giving, as well as to show my appreciation through something handmade. 

Cards by Paige

Paige here! You can use your gel printed papers to create fun cards for the holidays. I used my Gelli Arts® supplies to create a range of papers to use in my cards. 

My first card is a single printed paper with two layers, the first a simple coloured layer with a small amount of texture pressed in and the second a metallic paint decorated with small masks made of plastic, made with a snowflake- shaped cutter. 

My second card design was made using the same paper cutter, this time cutting the snowflake from some different printed papers and sticking them onto a piece of blank card.

My third design, a christmas tree, was made by cutting strips of paper and laying them in descending order up the card, topping them with a snowflake. 

My final card is a bauble design, which was made with a circle cutter and a silver pen, as well as the snowflakes I made earlier.

☆Gift Tags by Alisha

Our last gift tag idea is brought to you by Alisha! Watch Alisha’s video below to see how she made these mixed media tags:

Thanks for stopping by! Thank you to all of our Ninja Jr. Printmakers who sent us these fabulous tag and card ideas- we hope they inspired you to create some personal, homemade greetings! 

Please share your gel printed gift ideas with us by tagging us @GelliArts + #GelliArts

Happy printing and happy holidays! ☃


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