PanPastel® + Gelli Arts®: Tags By Sara Ferret

Hello, Sara here! We are teaming up with PanPastel® this week to share some projects and techniques with you. Today, I am sharing how I used PanPastel® with my Gelli® plate.

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How to:

1. First, create a resist drawing with a wax crayon over the tag. You can draw whatever you want. I made two examples: one with circles, the other with stars.

2. Then, I applied PanPastel® over the plate with a Sofft® sponge.

3. In order to pull a print, apply white acrylic paint over the plate with the brayer. The thinner the paint layer, the better the pull.

4. Then, with an extra layer of white paint, you can pull another print from the plate.

5. Now you can decorate the tag! I added stamps, some Jane Davenport ink, stencils with modeling paste, and some sticker sentiments. I also stitched around the tag. I usually add sari ribbons on the top and under the sentiment stickers as well.

6. For the finishing touches, I added some paint splatters with paint markers.

Just by changing the colors of the PanPastel® used, you can get a totally different theme with your tags. You can see that one is an all occasions tag, and the other is a Christmas themed tag.


Gelli Arts® 8″ round gel printing plate


Sofft® art sponge

Wax resist sticks

White acrylic paint


INKcredible® Inks- Jane Davenport

Rubber stamps Carabelle studio -Kate Crane

Stencils Carabelle Studio

Tim Holtz stickers- small talks and occasions

Posca Markers

Sari ribbons #sarasaris

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  1. These tags are fabulous, so much layering but it all works beautifully. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

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