Colored Image Resist Printing with Gelli Arts® + PanPastel® by Birgit Koopsen

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It’s Birgit here today and I am going to show you a fun little twist on image resist printing! 

Before pulling the print with acrylic paint, you can color your image with PanPastel®. Just wait for the resisted image to dry on the plate and then use Pan Pastels to add the color.

I love the distressed feel of these prints. You would never be able to get this effect when coloring in the prints later, as you would not be able to go into all of the little open spaces without coloring over the paint. With this technique, the paint will be on top of the color in the final prints which looks great!

If you are not familiar with the image resist printing technique, you can check out my video:


Gelli Arts® 3×5″ gel printing plate


Acrylic paint (Amsterdam) 


Soft applicators

Heavy copier paper (200gr.)

Thank you for visiting and happy printing!



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7 thoughts on “Colored Image Resist Printing with Gelli Arts® + PanPastel® by Birgit Koopsen”

  1. Looks really cool !!! Birgit – I always want to know which magazine was used eg Marie Claire Cosmopolitan, Vogue etc etc`?

  2. Wow…..I am teaching a three day gelli class this month, one day every week for three wks and next wk I promised a variety of "advanced" techniques….they will eat this up!!

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