Handmade Coasters With Gelli Arts®️ By Mansi Bhatia

Hi everyone! I am so humbled and honored to be part of the Gelli Arts®️ artist team and looking forward to the enriching collaborative experience with some very talented individuals. 

I have always wanted to create custom coasters with my gel prints, but didn’t want to go through the elaborate process of making them functional by using resin…until it hit me one day that I could use our laminating machine (designated a must-have tool in our household!) for this purpose! 

I think it’s a wonderful idea to give custom coasters as hostess gifts or to guests that come to your Thanksgiving dinner. I chose a very simple process, so it can be replicated fast and in bulk while keeping each coaster fairly unique. All in all, it took me an hour to make 10 coasters and another 5 minutes to make the accompanying tags. You can also custom print each person’s name on the coasters to make them extra special!

Have a look at the step-by-step instructions in this video and I hope you enjoy trying this technique out. 


These are perfect for gifts and hope this post inspires you to give it a try!



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7 thoughts on “Handmade Coasters With Gelli Arts®️ By Mansi Bhatia”

  1. Missing from the supply list are the ceramic tiles themselves – unless I somehow missed them. Great use of laminating!

  2. These are just amazing! I can't wait to have a go. "Dear Santa, I've been very good this year and I think I deserve a laminator and lots of sleeves. Love Lynne aged .. well never mind."

  3. Fabulous, Mansi! Thank you! I want to make coasters with my prints but I don't want to deal with resin. I don't have a laminating machine, but I will look into it. Do you have a link for one you have/suggest?

  4. Great idea & video, thanks! One question: it looks like foam core as the base of the coaster but the list says "self-sticking foam sheets." I have those but they are floppy, not rigid, so I'm wondering if there's a brand name you could share? And if they're precut? Thanks so much!!

  5. Thanks for that brilliant idea and video! I love printing but am drowning in decorated paper and ideas such as this are invaluable!!!

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