Printing with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates and Shrinkies With Lucy Brydon Lesson Plan


  • 5″x5″ Gelli Arts® printing plate (or any of the small ones would do)
  • Gelli Arts® mini printing tools
  • Gelli Arts® acrylic paint set
  • Wool, bubble wrap, sequin waste and other texture tools
  • Some stencils
  • Shrink plastic
  • Scissors or shape punches
  • Paper punch in small round
  • Earring hooks, keyring hooks or similar
  • Pliers


You can buy Shrinkies in any store and they come in three versions – clear, frosted and black. You can print on any version – just make sure to print on the non shiny or slightly textured or frosted side! 

Step 1: Print on your Shrinkies just as you would on paper.  You can use various colors of paint and texture tools, stencils and other found objects at home. I used the Gelli Arts® mini printing tools, bubble wrap, string, sequin waste and some stencils.

Step 2: Continue to layer up colors and textures until you have the desired effect.

Step 3: When your paint is dry, you can cut it into shapes. Remember the shrink plastic shrinks to 7 times its original size so do not cut your shapes too small! You can also use a shape cutter (I used a flower, heart and tag shapes). Don’t forget to use a paper punch to punch a hole before you shrink it — where you can attach earring hooks or rings for key chains.

Step 4: At this point, you can add details with paint pens or other media to make your designs more intricate. Draw on the side that you printed on.

Step 5: Bake in the oven at 175c or 350f. Place the plastic on a baking sheet or tin foil in a flat tray in the oven. Watch them twist up then go flat again as they shrink! Once it has shrunk take them out of the oven.

Step 6: After they have cooled down (it doesn’t take long) you can attach earring hooks, or key chains and use these as jewelery, key rings or tags on bags etc. Super fun!

Here are are the finished pieces!

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