Enameled Faux Crackle Boxes with GelliArts® By Giovanna Zara

Hello, Giovanna here! 

Today I show you how to create a set of gel prints with a stunning crackle
effect. With these prints, I embellished some plain wood boxes with an enamel effect.
It is really simple and a rewarding process– so let’s start!

Watch my video and create along with me!

Here are some of the
prints that I got:

Step by step tutorial:

1. Spread the crackle paste on a piece of corrugated cardstock and set aside to dry.

Tip: An alternative to the crackle paste could be embossing paste through crackle stencils, an embossing folder or a crackled texture plate.

2. Brush a layer of gel medium or PVA glue to avoid peeling off and set aside to dry.

3. Spread two contrasting colors of acrylic paint blobs on the Gelli Arts® 9×12” gel plate: spread the paint very very well. You must see through the paint to the plate, otherwise this technique doesn’t work.

4. Press the crackle handmade texture plate on the left side, lift it, and press it on the right side several times until you are happy with the result.

5. Lay a piece of cardstock on the right side, press, smooth it and lift the cardstock.

You can try different colors combinations such as gold and black, white and red, blue and light green.

6. Paint the wooden box with acrylic paint.

7. Cut the cardstock to
size and adhere to the lid with tacky glue. Wait until it is perfectly dry.

8. Next, add a glossy finish
such as DecoArt TopCoat.


  • GelliArts® 12×9” gelli plate
  • GelliArts® brayer
  • DecoArt Media crackle paste
  • DecoArt TopCoat
  • Corrugated cardstock

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Happy Printing!

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