Galaxy Tags by Gelli Arts® Artist Sara Ferret

It’s Sara here. 
Today is my first project to share on the Gelli Arts® blog and I’m so

have made some galaxy tags with the Gelli Arts® x Jane Davenport gel printing plate.

Watch my video to see my process:

First, I made a lot of backgrounds on the tags, all with neon acrylic paint. I’m using the Art Printing plates from Carabelle Studio to create
some easy drawings/texture in the background.

I have made enough tags, I cut some circles from cardstock with two different size punches.

We will use these as masks in the next step.

After that, I put some black acrylic paint on the Gelli® plate and place my circle masks directly on the plate.  I then place my tags I made over the circles and roll my brayer over the tags to pick up that black paint. You can start to see that “galaxy” effect starting to come out!

Next, I free stitched with my sewing machine around the circles and
the borders.

Now we can really create the galaxy effect with some splatters of paint in the
black parts. I used Posca markers but you can use other things as a old
toothbrush or a brush with white acrylic paint.

I always like to add some embellishments, so I used the sticker
book from Tim Holtz to add some sentiment to my art work.

hope you enjoy the video, and if you create some galaxy tags inspired by this
project please tag me Instagram @sara_ferret and tag @gelliarts as well. I can’t wait to see them all!

Happy printing!


9 thoughts on “Galaxy Tags by Gelli Arts® Artist Sara Ferret”

  1. I loved everything you did here! I felt so inspired to to sew more and to use some of your ideas to do my own thing. I will make some with bats for Halloween etc.

  2. the PaperTemptress

    OMG OMG you are sooooo creative…this is one of my absolute favorite videos and techniques…thanks for sharing with us!

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