Printed Paper Bags with Gelli Arts® by Lucy Brydon

Hi There! In this tutorial I show you how you can make
your own cute packaging using printed paper bags with matching tags.

Create along with me:

Step 1: 

In this video I use printing ink for
the bag but you can equally use paint or open acrylics. Open acrylics and
printing ink work best for printing with leaves as the longer drying time
allows for showing all the details in the leaf. 

I start off with the lightest color first, rolling out some ink onto the plate, then placing my leaves down
on the paper bag. Press well around the whole bag and remove. You can take a
second ghost print of the leaves onto a second bag.

Step 2:

Continue to layer up (usually 3 layers is
best for this) with darker colours. For the subsequent layers, I press the gel
plate down onto the previous print from above. 

My gel plate is attached to a
piece of plexiglass so I can use it like a stamp. This way I can get my second
and third prints to line up properly against the first.

Step 3:

For the tags, continue in the same manner
but using cut cardstock shapes and arrange them across the gel plate. I used a
piece of deli paper to rub the back so that any bits of ink or paint showing
were not getting on my hands.

Step 4

When all the paint or ink is dry, assemble
the tags to the bags by punching holes and attaching with string or ribbon.

For this project you will need:

  • Blank paper bags
  • Printing ink or open acrylics (I used caligo
    safe wash relief ink for my bags and golden open acrylics for the tags – this
    was only because I did them on different days and my inks were not out you can
    use inks for both, or acrylics for both!)
  • Brayer
  • pressed leaves
  • deli paper
  • cardstock cut into shapes for tags
  • Hole punch
  • string or ribbon

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Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.

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