Create Patterns with Gelli Arts® Mini Octagon Printing Plate with Marsha Valk

Hi there! It’s Marsha here. Have you had a
chance to play with the new Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Plates yet?

The set includes an octagon, quatrefoil and diamond-shaped mini plates. This trio is perfect for creating lots of fun

Watch the video to see ten options for
creating continuous patterns — with just the octagon-shaped mini printing
plate.  Imagine all the patterns you could make with all the mini plates!

Don’t forget to use all of your favorite
texture making tools while printing patterns. You can work tone-on-tone, with
layers of slightly different tones of color or you can go for bold

To distribute the paint evenly on your mini,
use a brayer to roll the paint out on an inking palette or a sheet of deli
paper. Then use the same brayer to apply a thin layer of paint to your mini
printing plate.

I can’t wait to see what continuous patterns
you come up with! Please share your work with us on Instagram using

Happy pattern printing! 



Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Plates: Octagon,
Quatrefoil, Diamond

Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint


Paper (A3 11.7”x16.5”) 

Acrylic stamping block

2” Brayer

Foam stamps (Nathalie Kalbach for

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