Multi-Layered Gelli Arts® Monoprinted Landscapes by Helen O’Hara

Hello everyone, Helen O’Hara here and I am excited to share a fun technique I have been experimenting with lately. It is a simple registration technique to make multi-layered monoprinted landscapes. I’m using the 9″x12″ Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate and Gelli Arts® Acrylic Paints.

You’ll need to use paper a bit bigger than your Gelli Arts® plate. Place it on the plate and tape down one side so it can flap off and back over the plate.

Next take another sheet of scrap paper and tear out some hill shapes. Tape these along the other side of the Gelli Arts® plate so they too can flap on and off.

Starting at the top ink up your plate in the usual way.

Flap the hill mask over the paint and then flap your paper on top and pull the print. You can go again with another layer, your mask will flap right back into place.

It’s difficult to be super accurate with this process, sometimes you will get a white line between your hills. To avoid this, move your mask up a little each time you begin a new hill so the hills will overlap slightly rather than leaving a white line.

Add more paint, flap over the next mask and take another print to for the 2nd hill.

Move the mask up slightly and then repeat for the next hills.

Your landscape can have as many hills as you like.

Perhaps you like the white space between the hills? It’s a great place to doodle or write. To ensure you get nice, wide spaces between the hills move the hill masks down before you begin a new hill. This will mask off a white area.

I’ve also done this print on black paper and then drawn doodles in the spaces with a white paint pen.

All the left-over mask scraps make a great collage.

I hope you enjoyed this technique and it inspires you to create some fun landscapes of your own.



Gelli Arts® 9″x12″ Gel Printing Plate
Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint
Gelli Arts® Combs
Cartridge Paper
Masking Tape
Found Objects such as Cotton Buds, Foam Brush, Pool Cover Scrap, and Paint Scraper

© 2019 by Gelli Arts®, LLC

Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.

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