Stained Glass Effect with Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates by Tania Ahmed

A few weeks ago I made a collection of cards using two different Gelli Arts® smaller plates and a few stencils. I used them to create a master board. A master board is a background that you create that you can later cut down for smaller projects.

When I made the backgrounds I loved the process of stamping with Gelli Arts® plates so much! I wondered what it would be like to use just one large stencil over my surface and multiple mini plates. I adore layered projects and I love bright colors, like my fellow Gelli Arts® Artists! I decided to combine my love for the two and create this print which reminds me of stained glass.

I love the way light shines through stained glass making it appear as if it were glowing.

When I got my hands on the new Gelli Arts® mini plate set, I was overjoyed with the shapes which can be beautifully combined not just with each other but also with the previous mini plate sets.


1) Put the mini plates on an acrylic block or a cd cover.

2) Use washi tape on one of your papers and tape the stencil securely to the paper.

3) Apply paint to a mini plate with a brayer. Stamp the stenciled paper with the mini plate.

4) Apply any leftover paint to a second paper to get your ghost print.

5) Repeat with different paint colors and mini plates.

6) Overlap the prints to make sure that the whole page is filled for the finished effect.

7) If you want to tone down the color on the ghost printed page, add white acrylic paint sparingly with the brayer.

8) Here is the finished ghost print!

9) Take the stencil off to reveal the finished design!

10) Here is the finished stained glass effect print!

I hope you enjoyed this fun technique. I would love to see what you come up with!



-New Gelli Arts® Mini Plates – Octagon, Quatrefoil, and Diamond
-Gelli Arts® Acrylic Paints
-Stencil – I used Nathalie Kalbach’s StencilGirl Design called Santiago

-Washi Tape
-Acrylic Blocks or CD cover

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Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Stained Glass Effect with Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates by Tania Ahmed”

  1. I love your work and you give such great directions. I haven't done much with the geli art but you make we want to. I'm going follow you and start trying it out for myself. Thank you so much for your hard work! We all enjoy!!

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