Create Gorgeous Snowflake Prints with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates

Hello! It’s Birgit
here. Welcome to my last post of the year! 😀

Today, I want to share
with you a simple technique to create lovely colorful winter prints using hand
cut snowflakes and the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate.

Start with cutting
Gelli Arts® parchment paper into squares. My squares are 4”x4” (10x10cm).

Fold the squares
diagonally to make triangle.

Then fold a second
time to get a smaller triangle.

Now fold the triangle
in thirds, one flap to the front the other to the back.

Cut a straight line at
the bottom.

Draw a design. You can
create your own designs or google “hand cut snowflakes” and you
will find tons of designs.

Create a variety of
designs, cut them out, and unfold.

Apply several colors
of acrylic paint to the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate and spread them with a
brayer. Then pull a print. Print several sheets in different color

Let the prints dry.
Then apply new color to the gel plate, place the snowflakes on top, and then
print on the previous printed papers. Use paints that don’t dry too fast. The new Gelli Arts® acrylic paints have an extender in them so they are perfect for this printing. Or if you like you can add a little bit of a slow dry medium to your acrylic paints. If the paint dries to fast
the paper snowflakes will stick to the plate.

Carefully remove the
snowflakes from the plate and let them dry. You can use them several times.

If there is any paint
left on the plate after removing the snowflakes you can let it dry and then
apply a new, very thin layer of paint to pull a print picking up the dried

I used my prints to
create colorful art journal and notebook covers. But you can also cut
them up to make cards or use as backgrounds in your art journal. If you
print on thinner paper, the prints would also make lovely wrapping paper.

After using the
snowflakes a couple of times they will be covered with beautiful layers of paint. I used matte medium to apply them to
cardstock. A simple yet lovely way to create colorful Christmas cards.

Thank you so much for
stopping by!

Merry Christmas and a
happy, colorful, and creative New Year!!


© 2018 by Gelli Arts®, LLC
Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.

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  1. beautiful work and great tutorial! I love how you use every last bit of supplies, even the snowflakes at the end on cards! Great idea!

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