Gelli Arts® Quilt Squares with Helen O’Hara

It’s Helen here from The Hoarder’s Art Room. Today, I’m
showing you how to use the new Gelli Arts® Quilt Squares Printing Kit. We’re
going to combine colorful Gelli® mono-printing techniques with homemade stencils and graphic black outlines to complete a set of unique fabric squares
ready for quilting. Check out the giveaway at the end of my blog!!

1. Use a craft punch to cut some shapes from freezer paper, we’ll be using
these as masks.

2. Roll some acrylic paint with a little textile medium onto your Gelli®

3. Make marks and patterns in the paint with combs, bubble wrap, stencils, etc.

4. Place your freezer paper masks over the paint, shiny side down.

5. Place a fabric square over the plate and pull a print. You can use
parchment paper as an extra layer on top to protect your hands. You’ll have
some white shapes in a colored background.

6. To make a two color print pull off any excess paint with scrap paper. You
can use this in another project.

7. Leave your paper masks in place.

8. Roll another color over the Gelli® plate and the masks, then texture it as before.

9. Carefully remove the masks with tweezers. You can keep them for collage another time!

10. You’ll now have a plate with two colors. Take a print with your fabric as before.

11. Repeat the process with all the fabric squares.

12. Leave the fabric to dry – it won’t take long.

13. Roll a very small amount of black Block Ink onto the Gelli® plate.

14. Very gently, without any pressure, place a colored fabric square printed side
down on the plate.

15. Anywhere you now touch will generate a black mark.

16. Outline the white/colored shapes by “drawing” from the back with a
skewer. Don’t press very hard or you could gouge your Gelli® plate. Remember not
to lean your wrist on the fabric as you draw.

17. Pull the fabric off making sure not to press it onto the ink.

18. You can add a little more ink if needed before repeating the process
with the other squares.

19. Leave the prints to dry completely before sewing them into a quilt.

Materials used:

Gelli Arts® Quilt
Squares Printing Kit

Freezer Paper

Scrap Paper

Craft Punch



Block Ink – Black


Get your supplies

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LLC Philadelphia, PA

All rights reserved.

17 thoughts on “Gelli Arts® Quilt Squares with Helen O’Hara”

  1. Love what you have done with this and appreciate having the opportunity to win this set. Thank you!


    It's always great to view new techniques that lead to even more ideas for Gelli printing..

  3. Manuela Sattler

    Wow, I'm impressed by this use of the Gelli Plate. I did some printing on fabric but this is really great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. sewzallsquirrels

    The smoky quality of the black lines is fabulous. You have the perfect touch for that, it needs patience and lightness.

  5. sewzallsquirrels

    The smoky quality of the black lines is fabulous. You have the perfect touch for that, it needs patience and lightness

  6. Love all your instructions, you are so clear! I have a problem with my brayer picking up -instead of depositing and spreading all of the ink, acrylic paint, or whatever I try to use. Any idea why that might be? Thank you!! Rini

  7. This fabric quilt kit is a great idea. I have been printing patches on my 5×5 and 6×6 plates, so a quilt is a good project. However, when printing on fabric, I find that screenprinting ink and paint definitely yields the best result, as well as Jacquard fabric paint. I do not live in America, and proper fabric paint is not easily had in Norway ( and import prices are high). If anyone can recommend some good fabric paint easily bought in Europe, I'd be happy. These blog projects here show such good results, so either I am crap at fabric printing, or I need such paint

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